Connect Directly with Your Deaf Customers in ASL

Experience seamless communication with trained customer service representatives fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and Direct Video Calling (DVC). Eliminate the need for third-party interpreters and enhance your customer experience.
Shorten call times for Deaf and English-Speaking callers
Eliminate third-party interpreters’ lack of company knowledge
Lead the industry with equitable access for all

Unlock a superior customer service experience for your Deaf and hard of hearing customers

Explore the reason behind the 93% preference among Deaf customers for direct support in their native language, ASL. Liberate yourself from the constraints of Video Relay Services, leading to shorter call times and the nurturing of deeper customer relationships. Harness the power of our groundbreaking Direct Video Calling (DVC) solution.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to tap into the $175 billion discretionary spending of the Deaf community.
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Streamline Deaf customer support for faster results

Provide support to ASL users rapidly
Boost customer retention
Expand your customer base
Your new ASL support service attracts both the customers you are serving through direct video calling, and also the millions within their sphere of influence who support the accessibility efforts you are providing.
Experience how Deaf customers can connect with you using ASL Now.
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Experience how Deaf customers can connect with you using ASL Now.

Turnkey Solutions for Integrating ASL-Fluent 
CSRs into Your Organization

Customized company assessment
We know that every organization is different. Our team starts by analyzing your specific needs for customer service, sales, and tech support.
Tailored staffing and training plans
Then we develop an individualized plan just for you that fits with and builds upon your existing organizational structure and goals.
Superior customer support with ASL-fluent CSRs
We hire, train, and manage ASL-fluent employees while marketing your program to the Deaf communities.

Enhancing Deaf customer support for Fortune 500 companies, government sectors and small businesses

Exceptional customer service experiences
Expanding diversity and inclusion efforts by creating jobs within the disability sector
Powered by the CSD ecosystem
Backed by industry leaders
Exceptional customer service experiences
Expanding diversity and inclusion efforts by creating jobs within the disability sector
Powered by the CSD ecosystem
Backed by industry leaders

Direct connection is powerful for businesses and customers alike

[We experienced] 83% shorter average handle time compared to phone support. [We also had a] 92.86% customer satisfaction rating (CSAT).
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ASL Now has made solving customer issues faster. The average time to resolve issues with Deaf customers has dropped 33%
Michele Gifford
Senior Operations Manager

Comcast National Center of Excellence, Spokane, Washington
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Each year more than 2,500 Americans lose their lives and 11,000 more are seriously injured as a result of home fires. The deaf and hard of hearing community is especially vulnerable due to notification challenges on recalls or other vital information. Without your support, some of our clients may never have had the opportunity to ask for help. We’re grateful to you and your team for everything that you’ve done to help us better serve our clients!

Your questions answered

ASL Now eliminates the third-party barrier. Your ASL-using customers can communicate directly with our trained ASL-fluent employees. Third-party interpreters often lack familiarity with your company, which can lead to longer calls and potential frustrations, resulting in a negative customer experience.

This different experience is made possible with Direct Video Calling (DVC).
ASL Now opens the door to an untapped consumer market of up to 3 million ASL users, valued at $86 billion in the U.S. alone. Additionally, the influence of the Deaf community extends far beyond these numbers.
By replacing time-consuming third-party interpreted calls with direct communication, ASL Now saves you money. Our ASL-to-ASL communication model enhances privacy and efficiency, leading to more effective calls, reduced call times, increased agent productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and improved customer loyalty.
ASL Now offers a comprehensive turnkey program to fully integrate ASL Direct Video Calling for customer support into your organization. We partner with your current contact center team and provide consulting, recruitment, staffing, training for Deaf talent, a video platform with call routing, service management, quality assurance through KPIs, and reporting at every stage.

Our low turnover rate, less than a quarter of the industry average, demonstrates our commitment to diversity, cross-cultural communication, and inclusion by expanding hiring opportunities for people with disabilities.
Chat, email, and text message support are conducted in English, which is a second language for the majority of Deaf individuals and not their native language.

It's a common misconception that American Sign Language is a derivative of English. ASL is a distinct language with its own grammatical structure, entirely different from English.

Sign language relies on visual communication and face-to-face interaction; there is no official written version of ASL.