Universal and Complete

Support for Every Deaf Customer

Deaf and hard of hearing consumers in the United States have an estimated $9 Billion in discretionary spending. They are also well known for their brand loyalty. When you offer accessible customer service with Direct Video Calling, you can tap into this game-changing demographic.   

With DVC, your Deaf and hard of hearing customers can more easily:  

  • Troubleshoot problems with your products or services 
  • Check store hours and locations 
  • Get more information about your products and services 
  • Ask billing and pricing questions 

When you combine DVC with our Answering Service, your customers can still reach out to you outside of retail business hours and be assisted.

Learn more about the impact Direct Video Calling can have on your business.

ASL Now and Your Bottom Line

ASL Now customers have reported up to:

decrease in the cost of serving a 
Deaf customer
decrease in 
call times
increase in the number of 
Deaf customers 
DVC not only improves your customer experience, but it can have a major impact on your bottom line and operational efficiency.


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