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When it comes to emergency and crisis situations, Deaf and hard of hearing people have the same rights to equal communication, shelter, protection, and to feel safe and be understood. When a Deaf person is in a high emotional state, they want to connect in ASL directly with the person they’re communicating with. A third-party relay service does not always convey exactly how and what the Deaf person is dealing with to an emergency responder, which can add more stress to the situation.

By using Direct Video Calling (DVC), you get to the heart of the situation, and your Deaf patients can more easily:
  • Feel safe and secure in a private, one-on-one setting 
  • Understand or create their escape plans 
  • Ask questions about their mental health 
  • Be culturally and linguistically understood
Direct Video Calling offers a HIPAA-compliant solution for your patient communication needs. With DVC, you no longer need to worry about sharing PII or medical information with a third-party interpreter on the call.

Protect yourselves and protect your patients, learn more about DVC today.

ASL Now Service Suite

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Live Support
Live Chat
Direct Video Calling
Answering Machine
Video Remote Interpreting
On-Site Virtual Support
Direct Video Calling
Video Remote Interpreting
Live Chat
On-Site Virtual Support
Answering Services

Direct Video Calling

Direct Video Calling (DVC) is a secure video call between a Deaf customer and a company representative who is fluent in American Sign Language. It is the only functionally equivalent communication option for organizations looking to support their Deaf consumers. Learn More About DVC, and the impact it can have on your organization.
  • Preferred option for 93% of Deaf Consumers  
  • Reduces call time by up to 33-42% 
  • Increased brand and quality control 

Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) allows an interpreter to join a conversation between a hearing and Deaf person using a video conferencing platform and a high-speed Internet connection. The interpreter will interpret English to ASL and ASL to English to facilitate the conversation.
  • Nationwide capabilities 
  • Accommodates scheduled and unscheduled appointments 

Live Chat

Live Chat is a great feature for customers who prefer to use typed English to communicate with companies. With our live chat features you won’t need to manage multiple customer service platforms.
  • Offer quick and personalized solutions 
  • Highly secure 
  • Customizable to your brand 

On-Site Virtual Support

On-demand services in ASL for when you have in-store customers. They can simply press a button to connect with trained live reps for the best customer service experience.
  • Accessible digital experience 
  • Increased foot traffic 
  • Out-of-store assistance for in-store customers 

Answering Services

If your customers call outside of the contact center hours, we can answer, assist, refer, and close the sale for you. With this service, your hours are extended so that you’re always there for your customers.
  • Referral services
  • Additional point-of-sale options 
  • On-support during your off-support hours 
While each service offers its own unique benefits, there are several features that are universal for every organization we work with:
  • Live Data Reporting 
  • PII Compliant Intake and Answering 
  • Front Line/Tier 1 Support 
  • Technical Support 
  • HIPAA Compliant 
  • Referral Services 
  • Sales and Outbound Capabilities 
  • Bill Payment Handling and Point of Sale 
  • Information/211 Help Line 
  • Dedicated Account Executive

ASL Now and Your Bottom Line

ASL Now customers have reported up to:

decrease in the cost of serving a 
Deaf customer
decrease in 
call times
increase in the number of 
Deaf customers 
Offering Direct Video Calling does not only provide the ease and clarity of face-to-face communication, but also peace of mind to your Deaf patients.


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