Universal and Complete

Support for Every Deaf Customer

51% of Deaf people complete at least some college, and the educational attainment rates have been increasing since 2008. By making all student and parent touch points accessible in ASL you can help remove barriers that prevent or hinder access to education for deaf communities. 

By offering Direct Video Calling as a solution to travel barriers, your Deaf and hard of hearing current prospective students can more easily: 

  • Ask questions about admissions processes 
  • Review billing and finance questions 
  • Discuss complex graduation requirements

ASL Now and Your Bottom Line

ASL Now customers have reported up to:

decrease in the cost of serving a 
Deaf customer
decrease in 
call times
increase in the number of 
Deaf customers 
Direct Video Calling can help transform the educational landscape and by implementing it at your institution you can rapidly progress your DEIA efforts. 


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