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More than 26 million adults with disabilities traveled for business and/or pleasure between 2013 and 2015 – having a nearly 35-billion-dollar impact on the travel industry. This is despite the challenges travelers often face, such as infrastructure, information, communication, and customer service barriers. 

By offering Direct Video Calling as a solution to travel barriers, your Deaf and hard of hearing customers can more easily: 

  • Book and reschedule trips 
  • Check on their reservation status or trip package details 
  • Review accessibility options  
  • Check on the status of their departure or arrival 
  • Ask billing questions 

Learn more about the impact it can have on your organization. 

ASL Now and Your Bottom Line

ASL Now customers have reported up to:

decrease in the cost of serving a 
Deaf customer
decrease in 
call times
increase in the number of 
Deaf customers 
Direct Video Calling not only improves your customer experience but can have a major impact on your bottom line and provide opportunities to make travel more enjoyable for your Deaf and hard of hearing customers.


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