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With over 11 million Deaf and hard of hearing people in the United States, they make no small impact on banking and financial services.

However, financial institutions such as banks are required to take added steps to protect their consumers’ financial privacy, including confirmation and verification of information. This can create challenges when the bank does not have the full confidence to assist a Deaf customer with a third-party interpreter on the call. For many Deaf customers, their Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) calls to financial institutions lead to hang-ups.

Most of the financial literacy resources are in English. The majority of Deaf and hard of hearing Americans have lower English reading comprehension than the national average, which leads to limited understanding when it comes to managing their funds, debts, payments, and so forth.

By using Direct Video Calling, you bypass third-party interpreters, have one-on-one sessions without third-party relay service, and your customers can more easily:

  • Review account information 
  • Set up and manage their accounts 
  • Manage payments and deposits 
  • Report fraud, lost cards, or other issues 

Using traditional accommodations, or third-party interpreters like Video Relay Services, can put you at increased risk of security breaches. With Direct Video Calling, you can ensure adherence to security and safety standards for both your organization and your customers.

ASL Now and Your Bottom Line

ASL Now customers have reported up to:

decrease in the cost of serving a 
Deaf customer
decrease in 
call times
increase in the number of 
Deaf customers 
Offering DVC not only improves your customer experience, but it can have a major impact on your bottom line and operational efficiency.


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