How It Works

A fully-managed turn key solution

Rely on our 3-stage proven process for seamless implementation of your company’s new support staff and systems.

Seamless and secure implementation

Comprehensive coordination of staffing needs

Alignment of call center adoption of Direct Video Calling

Seamless and secure implementation

We coordinate all necessary technical and staffing needs


Stage 01

Stage 01

Source and train new staff

Our expert team will recruit and train internal or external ASL specialist staff to match the effectiveness of your current contact center agents.

Stage 02

Stage 02

Intelligent Integration

Our top-tier IT experts will seamlessly integrate the video software and tailor it to your organization, working in harmony with your existing system without disruptions.

Stage 03

Stage 03

Support Success

We’ll continue to source and train internal or external ASL specialist staff to ensure their effectiveness matches that of your existing contact center agents.

Your questions answered

With ASL Now, the third-party obstacle is removed. Your customers who use ASL will speak directly to ASL fluent Deaf, trained, employees, who can represent your company accurately and successfully, using their native language. Too often, third-party interpreters are not familiar with your company — yet you are forced to trust them to represent your brand accurately to customers in ASL. They also result in lengthier calls (due to 3-way communication) and can be frustrating, resulting in a negative customer experience and repeat calling.

With ASL Now, you can accurately represent your brand to a virtually untapped consumer market of up to 3 million ASL users valued at $86 billion in the U.S. alone. In addition, the sphere of influence the deaf community has expands exponentially

Replacing time-consuming third-party interpreted calls with direct communication saves money. ASL Now’s ASL to ASL communications model improves privacy and efficiency, increasing the effectiveness of calls and minimizing repeat calls due to miscommunication. This reduces call times and increases agent productivity, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ASL Now has a turnkey program to completely operate the ASL direct video calling for customer support for your organization. Partnering with your current contact center team, our services include consulting, recruitment, staffing, training of Deaf talent, the video platform including call routing, management of the service, ensuring quality assurance via KPIs and reporting every step of the way. Our turnover rate is less than ¼ of normal businesses customer support representative rates. And hiring native ASL-users expands hiring opportunities for people with disabilities, which demonstrates a strong commitment to diversity, cross-cultural communications, and inclusion.

Chat, Email and Text Message support are all conducted in English, which is a second language for the majority of Deaf and is not their native language.  It is a common misconception that American Sign Language is a derivative of English. ASL is its own language with its own grammatical structure, completely different than English.  Sign language is a visual language, requiring face to face communication; there is no written version of ASL.