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When you see the ASL Now icon, you can count on exceptional customer support in American Sign Language. Contacting a fluent ASL customer support representative is a breeze. Just click the icon to connect with ASL Now or call through videophone (VP).

The ASL Now logo is in navy blue and bright orange. Two icons of a video screen and a person is interlocked to the left of "ASL Now". Underneath is "Powered by CSD".

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Discover an expanding list of forward-thinking companies committed to exceptional service by providing ASL support using Direct Video Calling (DVC) for their customers.

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Introducing the ASL Now Mobile App, your gateway to effortless ASL customer service. Our free app simplifies the process of connecting ASL users with skilled ASL-fluent customer service representatives. No interpreters or captions needed.

Browse our directory of companies offering direct ASL support. Scroll, find the company you need, and tap to connect with a proficient ASL-fluent customer service agent via Direct Video Calling (DVC). It’s that convenient!

Best ways to connect - FAQ's

Are you having issues connecting through ASL Now? Read our FAQ’s to find alternative options and troubleshooting tips.


Get in touch with us by using either ASL Now or Text Chat


Call (833) 682-7630 and press 1 during the menu option


Send us a message and we will get in touch with you

Device/Software Compatibility

If your device or software is listed below, it can be used with ASL Now.


ntouch VP2
ntouch PC
ntouch for macOS
ntouch Mobile
ntouch Tablet


Z5 Desktop for Windows
Z5 Desktop for macOS
Z5 mobile


All Convo products


P3 for Windows
P3 for macOS
P3 mobile

Browser Compatibility

If your browser is listed below, it can be used with ASL Now.


Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari


Apple Safari


Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Samsung Internet

Devices/Browsers Identified as Incompatible

If your device or browser is listed below, it cannot be used with ASL Now at this time. Check back for updates on compatibility.


Purple P-70


Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer


All browsers other than Safari


Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer