Using Direct Video Calling to Improve Your Customer Service

Use Direct Video Calling to Improve Your Customer Service

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What is DVC?

Direct Video Calling (DVC) is a technological breakthrough for businesses and organizations looking to provide accessible and equitable customer service for Deaf and hard of hearing communities.

Many companies are already offering multiple modes of communication for their customers: email, phone, chat, social media. However, each of these common customer service touchpoints overlook all Americans using American Sign Language (ASL) as their primary language.

With DVC in place, your business can provide support in ASL, which boosts your brand credibility and expands your customer service options. Instead of having your Deaf customers contact support via Video Relay Service (VRS) and have an interpreter on the call, they can now reach out directly to your Deaf customer service representative. DVC is for one-on-one secure calls, no more third-party interpreters.

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Learn more about each modality from the perspective of your Deaf customers and see how offering DVC can impact your business, your reputation, and your bottom line.

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