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Our innovative solution benefits both Deaf and hard of hearing callers and call centers, ensuring an accessible and effective customer experience.

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ASL Now: Simplifying Accessible Communication for You

Imagine a world where your customers can effortlessly connect with your company in any language, fostering meaningful, personal, and direct interactions. ASL Now’s mission is to eliminate the friction of third-party translation services, creating a business environment where all languages, whether spoken or signed, are equally valued. Our goal is to usher in a new era of customer service marked by equality, empathy, and cultural connection.

Unlock Communication Without Barriers

With over 40 years of experience in the Deaf Community, ASL Now offers you the expertise of a team deeply immersed in Deaf culture. As a Deaf-led organization, we understand the nuances and needs of the Deaf community, allowing us to bring you fully accessible communication solutions. Partner with us to be part of a mission that promotes equal access while creating job opportunities within the Deaf community


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83% shorter average handle time when compared to phone support. 92.86% customer satisfaction rating (CSAT).
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ASL Now has made solving customer issues faster. The average time to resolve issues with Deaf customers has dropped 33%

Michele Gifford
Senior Operations Manager

Comcast National Center of Excellence, Spokane, Washington
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Each year more than 2,500 Americans lose their lives and 11,000 more are seriously injured as a result of home fires. The deaf and hard of hearing community is especially vulnerable due to notification challenges on recalls or other vital information. Without your support, some of our clients may never have had the opportunity to ask for help. We’re grateful to you and your team for everything that you’ve done to help us better serve our clients!

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