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ASL Now Customer Service is Here!

By adding ASL to their customer service lines more companies are becoming more accessible.

If you see the ASL Now icon, you can be sure that company offers customer support in American Sign Language. As a result, Deaf and Hard of Hearing customers will have access to quality communication.

Contacting a customer support agent who is fluent in American Sign Language is easy! Simply click on the icon to connect with ASL Now or call through videophone (VP).

“It is about providing our customers with an equitable experience.”

Thomas Wlodowski, VP of Accessibility – Comcast


ASL Now Customer Service Directory

Below is a growing list of companies that believe offering customers support in ASL is crucial to providing excellent service.

COVID-19 Hotline

Do you have any questions? Contact us through ASL Now or VP (833) 682-7630.

Contact these companies today in order to receive customer support in American Sign Language!

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The number of companies offering accessible support in American Sign Language is growing.
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ASL Now COVID-19 Hotline or VP (833) 682-7630