Use sign language directly in your call center

Connect effortlessly with Deaf or hard of hearing customers 

Improve customer experience

Reduce call wait time

Stand out as an accessible provider

Improve customer experience

Reduce call wait time

Stand out as an accessible provider

The Solution

Trained staff, native language use and direct video calling will improve your callers’ experience.

How it works

Your contact center will be in good hands using our simple, proven process.

Case studies

Other busy contact centers have increased efficiency and customer experiences with ASL Now.

Delighted Clients of ASL Now

Reduce call times and frustration for your Deaf callers and English-speaking representatives

Our Clients & Partners


[We experienced] 83% shorter average handle time compared to phone support. [We also had a] 92.86% customer satisfaction rating (CSAT).

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ASL Now has made solving customer issues faster. The average time to resolve issues with Deaf customers has dropped 33%

Michele Gifford
Senior Operations Manager

Comcast National Center of Excellence, Spokane, Washington
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Each year more than 2,500 Americans lose their lives and 11,000 more are seriously injured as a result of home fires. The deaf and hard of hearing community is especially vulnerable due to notification challenges on recalls or other vital information. Without your support, some of our clients may never have had the opportunity to ask for help. We’re grateful to you and your team for everything that you’ve done to help us better serve our clients!

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Imagine your favorite brands using ASL! Let’s make this happen. Let us know which brands you’d love to see use sign language.

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